Sinsina design and manufacture all types of high quality pressure vessels from small to large heavy vessels, including Oil & Gas separators. Our Team Designed and fabricated vessels/separators comply with international standards..
We have extensive experience with a wide range of material including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cladded, Alloy, Inconel, and non-Ferrous metals.
We put our focus on long-term client relationship, which makes high quality our top priority along with good customer service. We also keep in mind competitive price and developing our technological processes. In addition to aforementioned we put maximal effort into timeliness of the projects to earn our clients trust.

Our turn-key solution includes following services

– Strength calculations.
– Mechanical drawings.
– Materials.
– Fabrication.
– Presentment.
– Welding.
– Overlay Welding.
– Thermal after treatment (PWHT).
– Testing.
– Painting / Acid pickling.
– Isolation.
– Packing.
– Transport.
– Assembly.

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+966 13 361 7343

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